If you are a bride-to-be with tons of appointments lined up with your wedding planner, caterer, wedding gown designer, wedding cake baker, wedding florist, etc., etc., you would probably put off planning your wedding music later in your day’s agenda. After all, there can be a wedding without music… right? 

Right. There can be a wedding without music. Just like there can be Cinderella without her pumpkin and her glass slippers or just like Snow White without the Seven Dwarves. Only, it is half the fun and most certainly, half the magic. Wedding band hire in Birmingham is now easier than ever with the internet at your finger tips. 

What is so magical about wedding music? Wedding music sets the tone and the mood of the ceremony. Imagine a wedding with a rock music. Would it not make a lot of difference as when you play instrumental music in your wedding? This disparity alone is a concrete proof that music makes a lot of difference in your wedding ceremony. The kind of music you play in your wedding psychologically tells your guests and audience what they are there for: love and union. Music have certain personalities too. Playing the wrong kind of music in your traditional wedding is like inviting a court jester to preside over your wedding ceremony. With a traditional wedding, I don’t think you will be able to accomplish a serious and solemn ceremony by playing emo punk while walking down the aisle. 

Playing the right kind of music at different parts of your wedding ceremony evokes the right emotion you want from your audience. A classical or church wedding music played while exchanging your vows will lead the audience into being one with you and your spouse’s emotion: one of sincerity, fidelity and love. Playing lively and festive disco music after dinner reception suggests celebration and joy, click here to find a list of music from the award winning band Apollo Soul.

It is not always all about the cake. At the end of the day, your guests will always remember how you made them fall in love with love again. Thanks to a beautiful wedding. Thanks to the music.