Stale air and fresh air, there is a difference between them. It’s like walking from the warmth of your home out into the fresh, crisp winter air. You notice a difference when it is “stuffy” inside a place. Generally, employees see their work as a second home, for 40 hours or so are spent at the office.

You can manage the air there as well with industrial ventilation systems for the work place. There are air handling solutions for commercial industries to kitchen and food service operations. However, it could get confusing what to choose from. Honestly, there are options that work better in a given setting than others.

I’m going to give a baseline, a guide, to figure which air unit works best with your working environment:

• Direct-fired make-up air (mua) are systems found in kitchen and food service operations, industrial processing, paint booths, and wastewater treatment. Direct-fired heaters replace exhaust air; with fresh, clean air whether heated or cooled air is needed

• Direct-fired heating and ventilating is found in warehouse settings, such as distribution centres or any size of industrial manufacturing building. These systems work best to ventilate and specialize air management to the solution needed.

• Indirect-fired heating and ventilating are also found in some commercial, institutional or industrial settings. This system like the others use the most advanced heat exchanger technologies.

When I think of stale air I immediately think of an airplane. Flying makes my pores close; with the air at such a high altitude makes it hard to breathe, with my asthmatic tendencies. Too bad such a moving location couldn’t have better air solutions. Wishful thinking. But those businesses looking into air-handling solutions or wanting to enhance your current ventilation system, there is a greener option.

The green initiative that so many industries are including into business calls for Clean Air Environmental. These systems are energy efficient, cutting costs for the environment and businesses using the proper air unit. Once you have chosen the right unit for your building, next step is choosing your products. From V-Series to AA-series, advanced HVAC solutions are pure and simple. You can customize any system, just ask the experts.

No one wants unclean air, especially in the work place. The outside air is already polluted so while we spend half of our weeks inside, breathing clean, unpolluted air would be nice. Choosing any form of a green solution, whether air or water systems always keeps your energy bill down. That is the point of the green initiative: energy efficient!